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Charting Educational Policies to Address Social Inequalities in Europe (EPASI)

Funded by

European Commission Socrates Observation and Analysis Project


January 2007-January 2009


There is relatively little comparative material - or indeed, material at the individual country level - that analyses educational policies related to educational disadvantage. In most countries policies have been focussed on identifying potentially disadvantaged groups, and in trying to ensure the provision of equality of opportunity and access. There has been little attempt to analyse the success or otherwise of these policies. The fact that various groups continue to suffer educational disadvantage, despite policy Initiatives to counter this, suggests that whatever the intentions, the educational systems of the countries of Europe are institutionally discriminating against the disadvantaged.

Aims of the Research

The overall aim of this project was to survey and analyse educational policies designed to counter disadvantage and inequality in Europe. Specifically the project sought to:

  • analyse policies in a group of European states
  • survey and report on policies across Europe that address disadvantage in particular groups of the population, including those economically disadvantaged, minority ethnic groups, those disadvantaged by gender, those with disabilities, indigenous minorities, religious minorities and linguistic minorities
  • provide an overview of current policy and practice in Europe
  • produce recommendations on future networking and longitudinal surveys.

The project produced:

  • 14 National Reports
  • a series of case studies of good practice
  • 7 thematic reports, surveying cross-European policies on particular forms of disadvantage
  • European synoptic survey


All the project reports, including a searchable database of selected educational projects designed to tackle social disadvantage, are available from the project website:

Project Team

The project is led by the team at the Institute for Policy Studies in Education, London Metropolitan University

Alistair Ross

Carole Leathwood

Marie-Pierre Moreau

Nicola Rollock

Katya Williams

Andrew Craven (Project administrator)

Other partners:

Katholieke Hogeschool Zuid-West-Vlaanderen (KATHO):

Hugo Verkest

Bie Lambrechts

Eveline Geurts

Univerzita Hradec Kralove:

Daniela Vrabcova

Jan Lasek

Pavel Vacek

Universite Montpellier III Paul Valery:

Richard Etienne

Benedicte Gendron

Pascal Tozzi

Panepistimo Patron:

Julia Spinthourakis

Pima Lempesi

Eleni Karatzia-Stavloti

Ioanna Papadimitriou

Universitat Autonoma Barcelona:

Melinda Dooly

Claudia Vallejo

Virginia Unamuno

Malmo Hogskola:

Nanny Hartsmar

Jan Nilsson

Margareta Cederberg

Svante Lingarde

Charlotte Paggetti


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