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Identities, Diversity and Education


IPSE has developed a rich strand of new theoretical understandings about young people’s social identities and educational experiences through our research on the diverse identities, aspirations and relationships of young learners, their parents and communities.

Our expertise and interests include:

  • Student identities and experiences in schooling
  • Learning and gender, ‘race’ and social class
  • Transitions, pathways and ‘choice’
  • Diversity, equality and citizenship
  • Aspirations and achievements of diverse groups
  • Media representations of learning and learners
  • Urban and rural youth

Research Projects

Key Publications include:

Mendick (2006) Mathematics and Masculinity, Open University Press

IPSE staff working in this field include: Allen, Hollingworth, Hutchings, Leathwood, Maylor, Quinn, Ross.


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