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Higher Education Equity


IPSE has a strong reputation for its theoretical and empirical work on Higher Education. We take a critical perspective on the role of HE in promoting or inhibiting social justice. Our research and analysis of HE covers issues of participation and equality, relationships with society, community and families, HE pedagogy and curriculum, student support and the impact of HE on future lives.

Our areas of interest and expertise include:

  • Academic cultures and the HE curriculum
  • HE policy
  • Gender, social class and ‘race’ in HE
  • Access, participation and retention
  • Student and lecturer identities
  • Graduate ‘employability’
  • Universities and communities

Research Projects

Key publications include:

Archer, Hutchings and Ross with Leathwood, Phillips and Gilchrist (2003) Higher Education and Social Class: Issues of Inclusion and Exclusion, Routledge

Quinn (2003) Powerful Subjects: are women really taking over the university?Trentham Books

Thomas and Quinn (2006) First Generation Entrants into HE: An International Study, Open University Press

Leathwood, C & Read, B. (2008) Gender and the Changing Face of Higher Education: A Feminised Future? , Maidenhead: McGraw-Hill/ Open University Press

IPSE Staff who work in this field include: Hutchings, Leathwood, Minty, Quinn and Ross.


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