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The relationship between education and issues of gender is a major interest and focus of the Institute’s activities. Gender research and analysis covers aspects of in/equality, attainment, staffing, career development, gender roles, and relationships with society and families. IPSE has a substantial and growing record of research and analysis in all of these areas, and our findings contribute to policy development across a range of educational institutions. The Institute has widely-acknowledged expertise across a broad range of topics associated with gender and education policy, based our commitment to ensuring social justice and inclusion for all.

Research Interests and Expertise

  • Gender and achievement
  • Masculinity/boys
  • Femininity/girls
  • Gender across educational sectors (early years, primary, secondary, FE, HE)
  • Gender, family and schooling/education
  • Feminist theory
  • Gender, race/ethnicity and class
  • Feminist methods
  • Gender, equal opportunities and educational policy
  • Gender and science issues

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