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Early Years Education

Early Years educational provision is under-researched and rapidly changing: we seek to provide evidence for policy development in a broad range of areas associated with early childhood education and care. The importance of early years education and provision is increasingly recognised as critical: as a critical part of the individual child’s broad educational and social development and growth, and as a significant part of social provision and family policy. Major governmental policies in the early years area include the SureStart scheme, the development of Children’s Centres and increasing curricular involvement in this phase of education. IPSE is committed to researching and analysing policy initiatives and outcomes in terms of equity, social justice and inclusion.

Our areas of interest and expertise include:

  • policy and provision
  • professional identities among early years educators
  • issues of gender and class
  • curriculum issues in early years education
  • creativity and play in child development
  • war, weapons and superhero play
  • the effects of new managerialist policies on the gendered, classed and professional identities of early years practitioners.

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