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Parental Engagement, Learning in Families and Technology


Rose, A. (2011) Exploring the challenges some parents face in supporting their children's learning in an increasingly technologically-driven school environment , in Research and Practice in Adult Literacy Journal (RaPAL), Conference Edition

Hollingworth, S. , Mansaray, A. , Allen, K. & Rose, A. (2011) Parents’ perspectives on technology and children’s learning in the home: social class and the role of the habitus , pp347–360 in Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, Special Issue 27


Allen, K. (2009) Parents' perspectives on technology and children's learning in the home, paper given at Becta's Annual Research Conference, Bristol, 19th November


Hollingworth, S. , Allen, K., Kuyok, K.A. , Mansaray, A., Rose, A. & Page, A. (2009) An exploration of parents’ engagement with their children’s learning involving technologies and the impact of this in their family learning experiences [Report commissioned by Becta] , London: Becta


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