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The Impact of Supplementary Schools on Pupils' Attainment - DCSF


Maylor, U. , Rose, A. , Minty, S. & Ross, A., Issa, T., & Kuyok, A. K. (2011) Exploring the impact of supplementary schools on Black and Minority Ethnic pupils’ mainstream attainment , in British Educational Research Journal, iFirst Article, 1-19.


Maylor, U.,Glass, K. , Issa, T., Kuyok, K.A., Minty, S. , Rose, A., Ross, A. & Tanner, E., Finch, S., Low, N., Taylor, E. & Tipping, S. & Purdon, S.. (2010) The Impact Of Supplementary Schools On Pupils' Attainment: An Investigation Into What Factors Contribute To Educational Improvements [Report commissioned by the DCSF] , London: DCSF


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