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Progression at Year Ten: impact of attitudinal, social and cultural factors


Osgood, J. , Archer, L. & Maylor, U. (2005) 'What do you do with white working-class kids who think school's a load of nonsense?' Contrasting constructions of 'underperformance' by teachers, pupils and parents, paper given at the Gender and Education Conference, Cardidd University, 29-31st March

Maylor, U. & Read, B. (2005) Underperformance amongst year 10 pupils: the role of expectations, values and interactions between teachers, pupils and parents, paper given at the BERA Annual Conference, University of Glamorgan, 14-17th September


Archer, L. , Maylor, U. , Osgood, J. & Read, B. (2005) An Exploration of the Attitudinal, Social and Cultural Factors Impacting on Year 10 Student Performance: final report to London West LSC Report commissioned by London West LSC , London: IPSE


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