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Mathematical Images and Identities: Education, entertainment, social justice


Mendick, H. , Epstein, D. & Moreau, M. P. (2007) Moving Images of Maths , pp 26-27 in Primary Mathematics, 11(3)


Moreau, M-P. , Mendick, H. & Epstein, D. (2009) 'Terrified, mortified, petrified, stupefied by you'...and gendered? Constructions of 'mathematical masculinites' in popular culture in E. Watson & J. Kille Anthology of Mediated Masculinites , (forthcoming)


Mendick, H. (2008) Mathematical Images and Identities: from idea to proposal, from proposal to project, paper given at the Birmingham Science and Engineering Research Group, 9th February.

Mendick, H. (2007) 'I could always just play': gender and mathematical ability, paper given at (Keynote) the Promoting Equality in Mathematics Achievement Conference, Barcelona, 25-26 January

Mendick, H. (2007) 'Troubling role models as a strategy for promoting women in science, technology and mathematics', paper given at the British Education Research Association Conference, Insititute of Education, 5-8th September

Epstein, D. , Mendick, H. & Moreau, M-P. (2007) Absolute cultures: mathematics education meets cultural studies, paper given at the Cultural Studies Now conference, London

Mendick, H. , Hollingworth, S. , Moreau, M-P. & Epstein, D (2007) Being a sumbody: new stories of choosing mathematics, paper given at the British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics Conference, 17th November.

Moreau, M-P. , Mendick, H. & Epstein, D (2007) Gendered, 'Raced' and Classed: Constructions of mathematicians in popular culture., paper given at the Gender and Education Conference , Dublin, 28-30 March.

Epstein, D. , Moreau, M-P. & Mendick, H. (2007) Imagining the mathematician: young people talking about popular representations of maths, paper given at the BERA Conference, Institute of Education, 5-8th September.

Moreau, M.P. , Mendick, H. & Epstein, D (2007) Masculinities, heterosexuality and whiteness in Hollywood popular culture constructions of mathematicians: challenging or reinstating the clichés?, paper given at the Centre for Law, Gender and Sexuality, University of Kent

Moreau, M-P. , Mendick, H. & Epstein, D. (2007) Mathematical Futures or Domestic Happiness: Constructions of mathematicians’ working and domestic lives in popular culture and schools, paper given at the Gender, Work and Organization conference, Keele University

Mendick, H. (2007) Mathematical Images and Identities Project, paper given at the Critical Mathematics Education Group, Sheffield, 17 March

Mendick, H. (2007) Popular Mathematics? Workshop, paper given at the Association of Teachers of Mathematics Conference, Loughborough, 2-5 April

Mendick, H. (2007) Undoing mathematics? Fantasies of gender and mathematics, paper given at (Keynote) the Mathematics, Science and Technology in the Body of Education Conference, Volos, 18-19 December.


Mendick, H. , Epstein, D. & Moreau, M. P. (2007) Mathematical Images and Identities: education, entertainment, social justice End of Award Report [Report commissioned by the Economic and Social Research Council] , Swindon: Economic and Social Research Council


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