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Allen, K. , Quinn, J. , Hollingworth, S. & Rose, A (2012) Becoming the “ideal” heroic creative worker? Subjectification, neoliberalism and exclusion in higher education student work placements , in British Journal of Sociology of Education, ifirst

Leathwood, C. & Hey, V. (2009) Gender/ed Discourses and Emotional Sub-texts: Theorising Emotion in UK Higher Education , pp429-440 in Teaching in Higher Education, 14(4)

Hey, V. & Leathwood, C. (2009) Passionate Attachments: Higher Education, Policy, Knowledge, Emotion and Social Justice , pp101-118. in Higher Education Policy, 22


Leathwood, C. (2009) Gender silences and gendered constructions in the UK higher education policy context, paper given at (Invited) the Centre for Critical Education Policy Studies (CeCeps), Institute of Education, Tuesday 30th June.

Leathwood, C. (2009) Gender silences and gendered constructions: an analysis of English higher education policy, paper given at the HERS seminar series, Wednesday 17th June.


Quinn, J. , Kuyok, K.A. & Minty, S. (2009) Widening Participation: Synthesis of International Evidence [Report commissioned by the DIUS] , London: IPSE


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