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Employment barriers for refugees and asylum seekers in London


Archer, L. (2005) Race and Ethnicity & Religious and Political Belief 1 in P. Coare & B. Freda (eds) The Collection of Exective Summaries from the SEQUAL Development Partnership...Researching Discrimination and Employability , Guildford: University of Sussex


Archer, L. (2004) The role of race/racism, ethnicity and culture on refugees and asylum seekers' access to employment, paper given at 'Tackling discrimination and promoting employability: combating social exclusion', London Docklands ExCEL Centre, 20-21st October


Archer, L. , Sheibani, A. , Maylor, U. & Kowazik, U. (2005) Challenging Barriers to Employment for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in London [Report commissioned by the SEQUAL Partnership, London Metropolitan University] , London: London Metropolitan University


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