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Minty, S. (2008) Supplementary School Teacher Aspirations , pg11 in Community Languages Bulletin, Issue 23, Autumn


Issa, T. & Öztürk, A (2008) Practical Bilingual Strategies for Multilingual Classrooms , Leicester: United Kingdom Literacy Association (UKLA)


Issa, T & Maylor, U. (2008) Our languages: Teachers in supplementary schools and their aspirations to teach community languages, paper given at as part of the ‘Supporting Black, Minority and Ethnic Personnel into Educational Leadership Raising Awareness of Programmes and Sharing Opportunities’ seminar organised by the NASUWT, 18th July.


Minty, S. , Maylor, U. , Issa, T., Kuyok, K. & Ross, A. (2008) Our Languages: Teachers in Supplementary Schools and their Aspirations to Teach Community Languages [Report commissioned by CiLT, the National Resource Centre for Languages] , London: CiLT


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