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ESRC Seminar Series 'New Perspectives on Education and Culture’ Jan 11- Jan 13

The Institute for Policy Studies (IPSE) in Education has been awarded ESRC funding to organise a seminar series titled 'New Perspectives on Education and Culture’. The seminar series is being run in collaboration with the Faculty of Education, University of Plymouth. Jocey Quinn (Plymouth) is leading the series, assisted by Kim Allen (IPSE).

Seminars focus on the co-construction of culture and learning, examining both ‘culture’ and ‘learning’ in their broadest sense. The series focuses on new cross-disciplinary connections and perspectives to explore new research on Education and Culture within narratives, disciplines, families, popular culture, professions and local communities.
This series runs from Jan 2011- Jan 2013

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The Institute for Policy Studies in Education (IPSE) are running a seminar series at London Metropolitan University on Transformations in the Education Workforces.

The seminars will take a critical look at the changing nature of the education workforce in its broadest sense and so explore the relationships, tensions, ambiguities and enhancements that have come to characterise the current workforce. By drawing on current and recent research by IPSE and external invited guests, papers will present debates pertaining to teachers, teaching assistants, support staff, mentors, local authority staff, voluntary sector organisations and parents engaged in the education of their children. The series foreground’s IPSE’s commitment to social justice by placing a focus upon those on the margins, those with perhaps less power, or those whose voices are not heard.

Please contact Sumi Hollingworth ( for more information about the series.


The rise of credentialism? 

Autumn 2012

The final seminar aims to pull threads together from the previous four seminars to explore the debates around education and credentialism, and the increasing professionalization of many of these peripheral roles in the education sector.  Exploring the debates about whether these new and old roles across the education sector are becoming more professional or whether we are seeing a ‘dumbing down’ of professional status through a focus on competencies based credentials; rather than knowledge acquisition. The primary objective of this seminar is to offer a problematisation of credentialism within workforces and hence challenge the commonsense conflation of credentialism with a ‘professionalism’ agenda.  

Speakers TBC

Representation in the Higher Education Workforce

January 2012

This seminar will explore issues of exclusion and inclusion within the Higher Education workforce. The papers will address gendered/ classed/ raced representation in the Higher Education workforce, including the ways in which certain workers, and the work that they do are constructed in particularly gendered ways.

Carole Leathwood (IPSE, London Metropolitan University),
‘Re/presenting gender in the academy: presence and absence.’

Valerie Hey and Mairead Dunne (CHEER, University of Sussex)
‘Making a Difference? Conducting an applied study on the experience of BME staff in English Higher Education’.

Educating at the boundaries: the blurring of education and care?

October 2011.

The purpose of this seminar is to look beyond formal education and explore the blurring of boundaries between education and care in the public sector; the redefinition of roles in an era of multi-agency working; and a shift in focus on the education of families, as opposed to just children. The focus would be on those operating in this field and the many ways in which they are working at the limits of their professional, geographic, social and cultural experiences i.e. outside their comfort zone and on the margins of their professional wisdom.  This seminar would draw on literature about both the therapeutic turn in education; and literature on the normalisation of middle class values and parenting.  

Sumi Hollingworth (IPSE, London Metropolitan University).
Managing Aspirations: Remaking Working Class Selves Through Mentoring'.

Val Gillies and Yvonne Robinson (London Southbank University).
‘Pupils at risk of school exclusion: exploring constructions of professional care in the classroom’.

Educating Communities: Teachers in Supplementary Schools

June 2011

The aim of this seminar was to explore the growth of supplementary and complementary education from the grass roots, giving a voice to the experiences of people involved in educating, and supporting education, outside of mainstream schooling: a ‘shadow’ workforce often made up of parents and community leaders and activists. This seminar explored the tensions and ambiguities encountered by those working within the shadows of formal schooling, and the benefits of making links between the complementary and mainstream sectors.

Dr. Uvanney Maylor (University of Bedfordshire) and
Dr. Anthea Rose (IPSE, London Metropolitan University).
'Supplementary school teachers making a difference to BME pupils'

Dr. Raymonde Sneddon (University of East London)
'21 years in East London: Issues in policy, research and practice'.
Dr. Charmian Kenner (Goldsmiths)
'Partnerships between teachers in complementary and mainstream schools'.




The Institute for Policy Studies in Education ran an interdisciplinary seminar series exploring the role of education in the social world. The seminars combine well-known external speakers with the latest research from IPSE and are open to researchers, students, practitioners and policy makers.

Seminar 5: Refugee Familes and Education

Image courtesy of Planetary Visions Globe

/s56423_3.pdf Refugees

/k59907_4.ppt Nomads in England

/x67757_4.ppt Re-thinking Families and Education

Seminar 4: Generations, Aspirations and Social Mobillity

/n73329_4.ppt Kim Allen - Educated Family

Speakers were: Professor Fiona Devine (Manchester University), ‘Class, gender and occupational choices: occupational inheritance in medicine and teaching in the UK’ and Dr Kim Allen (IPSE), ‘Conflicting aspirations and the burden of class reproduction: Lower middle class girls and their mothers’.

 Seminar 3: Motherhood

/h42800_4.ppt Imagining Motherhood - Rachel Thomson

/k21133_4.ppt Other - mothering- Jayne Osgood
Seminar 2: Middle Class Families and Education

/y47316_3.pdf Middle Class Families & Education
/h50894_4.ppt IPSE Seminar Katya Williams & Uvanney Maylor Presentation


Seminar 1: Universities and Families


/l68428_3.pdf Families & Universities


/l99274_4.ppt IPSE Seminar Quinn Presentation




The Institute for Policy Studies in Education held a special event bringing together scholars working across the fields of sociology, cultural studies and educational research to explore the impact of feminist ideas on higher education within the 21st century.

Speakers were: Professor Angela McRobbie (Goldsmiths) ‘Inside and Outside the Feminist Academy’; Professor Carole Leathwood (IPSE) and Dr Barbara Read (Roehampton University) authors of ‘Gender and the Changing Face of Higher Education: A Feminised Future?’ And discussant: Professor Jocey Quinn (IPSE) author of ‘Powerful Subjects: Are women really taking over the university?’

The 'Aftermath of Feminism in the Academy' Seminar in the Times Higher Education

An article on the seminar, ‘Academe still male bastion, assert female scholars’ has been published in the Times Higher Education, pg6.


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