London Metropolitan University Research Institutes

Committee for the Prevention of Torture

The study of the implementation of recommendations made by the CPT in Albania, Georgia and Moldova

Commissioning Organisation: Council of Europe

Duration: May 2006 to July 2007

Research Team:
Dr Brad Blitz (Oxford Brookes), Prof Bill Bowring (Birkbeck College), Prof Douwe Korff and Prof Philip Leach (LondonMet)

The purpose of this study was to facilitate the implementation of recommendations made by the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CPT). The need to seek ways of improving the implementation of the CPT's recommendations has become more and more apparent. The difficult economic situation prevailing in a number of states is a key factor, but also a lack of knowledge of the funding mechanisms available.

The objective of this project was to conduct a study of the target countries’ needs and identify concrete areas and proposals for outside assistance. This involved an analysis of the CPT's recommendations, consultations with the authorities and other relevant actors in country. But, also to map and provide correlation between relevant donors organisations and their funding programmes.

The outcome of the study has been presented to the target country Government and also the potential donors, serving as a bridge between beneficiaries and donors to facilitate implementation.

Please see HRSJ Research Institute Annual Report 2006/2007 for more details.


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