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Svetlana Stephenson

Dr Svetlana Stephenson is Senior Lecturer in International Sociology at London Metropolitan University.  She researched human rights and social justice in Russia and Eastern Europe, as well as disadvantaged social groups and youth violence in that region. Her consultancy work included advising the Department of International Development on juvenile justice in Russia and the World Bank on poverty in Russia. She also worked with the International Labour Organisation on child labour in Russia, and prepared a report on Youth and Violence in Moscow for the Council of Europe. She is a member of the Editorial Board of the European Journal of Homelessness. 

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Conference Paper

31 August - 3 September 2005 / Krakow
Presented a paper, "Searching for Home: Street Youth and Organised Crime in Russia" at the annual conference of the European Society of Criminology

Publications in Russia

Stephenson, S. (forthcoming), Rebiata s nashego dvora.
Podrostkovo-molodyozhnie gruppirovki v Moskve [The guys from our
courtyard. Street territorial groups in Moscow], Ethnographic Review ,

Stephenson S. (forthcoming), Ulichnie subkultury v Moskve [Street
subcultures in Moscow], in D. Gromov, ed. Molodyozhnie subkulturi Moskvy.

Stephenson, S. (2006), Kazanskii Leviathan: Molodyozhnie Territorialnie
Gruppirovki i Problema Sotsialnogo Poriadka [The Kazan Leviathan: Youth
Street Gangs and the Problem of Social Order], Otechestvennie Zapiski,
vol. 30, No.3, pp. 97 - 110.

Stephenson, S. (2006), Bezdomnost’ [Homelessness], The Russian
Encyclopedia, Moscow: Russian Encyclopedia.


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