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Simon Hallsworth

Prof Simon Hallsworth is the Director of the CSER and holds the Chair in Social Research in the Department of Applied Social Science. He is a sociologist by background educated at the London School for Economics and Leicester University. His written work includes Street Robbery (Willan 2005) and he was a co-editor of ‘The New Punitiveness: Issues Themes and Perspectives, (Willan, 2005).

Simon has authored many reports for a range of different clients. He has appeared on television and radio discussing topical issues of crime and community safety and his woprk has been profiled by many newspapers. He has advised many statutory and governmental bodies on issues relating to violent crime and in recognition of his expertise in this area was invited in 2007 to attend a seminar at Downing Street chaired by the Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Home Secretary Jackie Smith, attended by other government ministers. Simon has written extensively on punishment in modern society, the local politics of crime and community safety and more recently violent street worlds. His research interests include street violence, weapon use, and the development of the security state.

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Selected Publications

S. Hallsworth & T. Young (2008) Gang Talk and Gang Talkers: A critique, Crime Media Culture, Vol 4(2), 175-195)

S. Hallsworth, T. Young, (2008) Crime and Silence, Theoretical Criminology, Vol 12(2)

S. Hallsworth, T. Young, and M. Maguire (2006 ) Profiling Displacement Effects Around Kings Cross, Report for the Camden Community Safety Partnership

S. Hallsworth, K. Higwan and M. Maguire (2006) Assessing Proportionality in the Exercise of Stop and Search: City of London Police.

S. Hallsworth, K. Higwan and M. Maguire and R. Wild (2006) Assessing Proportionality in the Exercise of Stop and Search in Kent: Kent Police.

M. Fitzgerald, S. Hallsworth, I. Joseph and T. Young, (2006) Young People, ‘Gangs' and Weapon Use , Report for the Youth Justice Board

S. Hallsworth (2005) Street Crime , Willan

J. Pratt, D. Brown, M. Brown, S. Hallsworth and W. Morrison ed. The New Punitiveness: Issues, Themes and Perspectives, Willan

S. Hallsworth (2005 ) Make My Day: Images of Masculinity and the Psychodynamics of Mass Incarceration , in Images of Justice , ed. R. Lippins, Hart Publications

S. Hallsworth (2005 ) The Feminisation of the Corporation and the Masculinisation of the State , in Social Justice, Vol 32. No.1

S. Hallsworth and T. Young (2006) Urban Collectives: Gangs and Other Groups, Report for the Metropolitan Police Service and Government Office for London, 2005

S. Hallsworth and T. Young (2004) Getting Real About Gangs, in Criminal Justice Matters, No. 55. 2004

S. Hallsworth & M. MaGuire (2004) Assessing the Impact of the City of London Police Exercise of Stop and Search, Report for City of London Police 2004.

S. Hallsworth (2002) The Case for a Postmodern Penality , Theoretical Criminology

S. Hallsworth, , K. Higwan, A. Pilgrim T. Young (2004) The Illegal Touting Trade in London, Report for Transport for London, 2004

S. Hardiman, S. Jones, S. Macadam, S. Hallsworth & A. Allain() Youth and Exclusion in Disadvantaged Areas: Addressing the Causes of Violence Trends in Social Cohesion 8, Report for Council for Europe.


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