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Peter Leyland

Prof Leyland''s research in domestic public law concentrate on aspects of devolution, issues relating to the statutory regulation of privatised industries and the protection of human rights together with a specialism in UK administrative law (Administrative Law textbook 5th edition). In addition, a comparative public law dimension is present in many publications and this has been encouraged by developing contacts in Europe particularly Italy and South East Asia, particularly Thailand. Prof Leyland is the co-editor of the series 'Constitutional Systems of the World', Hart Publishing and he is writing a volume in the series on Thailand's Constitutions.

Peter is the co-editor of the Hart series 'Constitutional Systems of the World'. He is a visiting lecturer: In Italy at the universities of Bologna, Ferrara, Padua and Bocconi University, Milan.
In Canada at the University of Victoria; in Thailand at the Council of State, the Administrative Courts and NIDA (National Institute for Development Administration.

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Conferences and Events

SOAS, Brunei Gallery, 'Thai Political Situation: Wherefrom and Whereto?' panel discussion hosted by Royal Thai Embassy, 29 January 2010 presented paper as panelist: 'Thailand's Constitutional roller coaster ride and the search for constitutionalism'

Thammasat University, Faculty of Law, Bangkok, 9th and 10th of December, 4th International Congress, Law in a Changing World:
delivered paper 'The UK Justice System, Judges and Supreme Court after the Constitutional Reform Act 2005: Separation of Powers achieved?'

Bocconi University, Milan, 20 November 2009, Giornata di studio sui servizi publici locali, il trasporto pubblico locale. Paper: 'Local Transport Provision in the United Kingdom: The Quest for Accountability and Coherence in a "Contract State".


The Struggle for Freedom of Expression in Thailand: Media Moguls, the King, Citizen Politics and the Law, (2010) 2(1) Journal of Media Law 115–137

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Article: Freedom of Information and the 2009 parliamentary expenses scandal, Public Law 675-681, 2009

Book: Constitutional Courts: A Comparative Study, (London, Wildy, Simmonds & Hill, 2009) co-editor with Prof. A. Harding, ISBN 9780854900633, 377 pages.

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Textbook on Administrative Law, 6th edition, OUP, 2008 with Dr. Gordon Anthony.

The Constitution of the United Kingdom: A Contextual Analysis, Hart
Publishing, 2007 (first in series Constitutional Systems of the World.)

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