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Martha Chinouya

Dr Martha Chinouya (PhD) is a social scientist. She has led and was the principal investigator for a number of research projects funded by various research councils including the ESRC, the Nuffield Foundation, social service departments and primary care trusts. This research was focused on rights discourses as they affect African populations in the UK and in Africa. She was the co-ordinator of benchmark studies in England that explored the right to sexual health amongst migrant Africans in England. She explored the sexual behaviours of migrant Africans in England (project Mayisha 1); making sense of the right to health for those diagnosed with a positive diagnosis (project Padare). Using a grant from the Nuffield Foundation, she investigated the articulations of ‘cultures’ and ‘rights’ in the disclosure of HIV within the family (project Chiware).

She has particular research interests in rights discourses as they pertain to the transnational ‘African’ families, religions, gender, generations and Health. Martha is very interested in interrogating human rights discourses and ethics that are informed by both Western and ‘Africa-based’ epistemologies such as presented by the notion of Ubuntu. She is currently investigating the ways families make sense of the language of rights and disclose or share information about HIV amongst faith groups in Zimbabwe (project Taurai). She has also investigated the lives of ‘child’ mothers and ‘child’ fathers in some refugee camps in Northern Uganda, attentive to the way ‘child’ parents make sense of the language of rights as it relates to their everyday lives. Martha’s recent contributions to the literature on global health and rights includes - children’s rights and HIV; children’s rights in conflict zones; rights to information about health; disclosure of HIV, women's rights and leadership in health; transnationalism and health rights as well as in religion and rights.


Submitted for publication

Aspinall, P. J. and Chinouya, M (submitted to the Journal of Ethnicity and Health) Is the standard term ‘black African’ useful in demographic and health research in the UK?

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Publications in peer reviewed journals include


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Book Chapters

Chinouya (2007) Ubuntu and the helping hands for AIDS in Wambu, O. (Ed) Under the tree of talking: Leadership for Change in Africa. London: Counterpoint, British council

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Reports and other publications

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(2008) The knowledge, the will and the power: A plan of action to meet
the HIV prevention needs of Africans living in England. London: Sigma.

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Conference Papers

Presentation to the Cambridge Association of Medical Research Ethics Committee: "Methods for involving Black and minority ethnic communities in research" Nov 2005


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