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 Liz Kelly, PhD (Sociology), BA (First Class, Sociology and Politics), is Professor of Sexualised Violence at London Metropolitan University, where she is also Director of the Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit (CWASU). She has been active in the field of violence against women and children for almost 30 years. She is the author of Surviving Sexual Violence (1988), which established the concept of a 'continuum of violence' and over 70 book chapters and journal articles.
CWASU has a national and international reputation for its research, training and consultancy work. The Unit has completed over 50 research and evaluation projects and are known for their work on making connections - between forms of gender violence, and between violence against women and child protection. As special advisors to the British Council CWASU undertakes considerable international work (in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America), providing consultancy and training on research and policy.

Liz Kelly has just completed a project looking at trafficking of persons for both labour and sexual exploitation in Central Asia. In 2000 Liz was awarded a CBE in the New Years Honours List for 'services combating violence against women and children', and in January 2005 she was appointed to the Board of Commissioners of the Women's National Commission.

Co-ordination Action on Human Rights Violations addresses human rights violations in the context of interpersonal relationships.

Major goals of the project are to integrate parallel research discourses on violence; unify the theoretical and empirical basis for policy; stimulate new, interdisciplinary and transnational research; and support practitioners, policy-makers, and scientists by facilitating the dissemination of knowledge and expertise.

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With M Coy and M Horvath ‘It’s Just like going to the supermarket: Men Buying Sex in East London’ (CWASU) (2007)

This exploratory study extends the limited knowledge base on men who pay for sex. The research explores the decision-making processes of men who pay for sex in the borough of Tower Hamlets, an area of London that has a well-established and visible street soliciting area. The original target group were men arrested during kerb crawling operations. This was, however, supplemented by men recruited through other access routes. Quantitative and qualitative data were analysed.

With M Coy and J Foord 'Map of Gaps: The postcode lottery of Violence Against Woman Support Service’, (EVAW)(2007)
EVAW and the new equalities watchdog, the Equality and Human Rights Commission, published Map of Gaps, a report which shows graphically, for the first time ever, the real postcode lottery in violence against women support services such as Rape Crisis Centres and domestic violence refuges

Kelly, L., Lovett, J., Regan, L. (2005).
Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit (CWASU)
Study of attrition in rape cases ''A gap or a chasm?''

This report draws on the findings from the evaluation of two Sexual Assault Referral Centres, one non-centre based support service and three comparison areas where there was no specialist provision for victims.

The report in full is available from:

Kelly, L., Lovett, J. (2005)
Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit (CWASU)
What a Waste - A case for an integrated Violence Against Women Strategy.

The report argues that current initiatives to tackle violence against women tend to take place in 'silos': there is a clear separation between domestic violence, sexual violence, forced marriage, rape, trafficking, killings in the name of honour, stalking and other forms of VAW.

The report in full is available from:

Conference papers:

Key note address at Sexual Violence conference Cornwall: Breaking the silence healing the wounds January 2008

Key note speech: Human trafficking: How best to stem the flow? Wilton Park UK July 2007

Council of Europe: Data collection as a prerequisite for effective policies to combat violence. (Portugal) July 2007)

Key note speech: Equality and diversity forum: Should Violence be a priority for the commission for equality and human rights? June 2007

Key note speech: Association of London Government: Why violence against women is an equalities issue December 2006

Chaired a video conference between 5 women MPs and 9 African parliamentarians (Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda, Eritrea, Kenya) for the British Council on International Women''s Day, 2005

Keynote speech at the Australia and New Zealand Criminology Society meeting in February 2005


Liz Kelly 'Inside outsiders: Mainstreaming Gender Violence into Human Rights Discourse and Practice' International Feminist Journal of Politics,2005

Burton, Sheila, 'Supporting women and challenging men : lessons from the Domestic Violence Intervention Project' / Sheila Burton, Linda Regan and Liz Kelly.

Bindel, Julie. Kelly, Liz. 'A critical examination of responses to prostitution in four countries : Victoria ;Australia; Ireland; the Netherlands' Sweden, 2004.

Regan, Linda. 'Rape : still a forgotten issue : briefing document for strengthening the linkages - consolidating the European Network Project' / Linda Regan, Liz Kelly, 2003, 44p.

Kelly, Liz. 'Stopping traffic : exploring the extent of, and responses to, trafficking in women for sexual exploitation in the UK' / Liz Kelly, Linda Regan, 2000, 50 p.

Kelly, Liz. Fertile fields : trafficking in persons in Central Asia : a report / prepared by Liz Kelly, 2005, 122p.

Seith, Corinna. Achievements against the grain:self-defence training for women and girls in Europe / Corinna Seith, Liz Kelly, 80p.

Liz Kelly, Jo Lovett and Linda Reagan "A gap or a chasm? Attrition in reported rape cases" Home Office Research Study

Jo Lovett, Linda Reagan and Liz Kelly "Sexual Assault Referral Centres: developing good practice and maximising potentials" Home Office research Study

Liz Kelly and Jo Lovett "What a waste: The case for an integrated violence against women strategy"

Linda Reagan, Jo Lovett and Liz Kelly, Forensic Nursing: An Option for improving responses to reported rape and sexual assault, Home Office.

Linda Reagan, Liz Kelly Good Practice in Medical Responses to Recently Reported Rape, Especially Forensic Examinations. London, Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit , London Metropolitan University.

Linda Reagan, Rachel Wingfield and Liz Kelly, Worth Less or Worth More? An Evaluation of the MAZE Marigold Project, London, YWCA and CWASU, 2003

Linda Reagan, Anjum Mouj, Liz Kelly and JoLovett, Everywhere and Anywhere: A Focus Group Study on Domestic Violence Information and Awareness Raising. London, Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit.

Linda Reagan, Audrey Mullender, Liz Kelly, Gill Hague, Umme Aman and Ellen Mallos, Children's Perspectives on Domestic Violence, London, Sage Books, 2002.

Linda Regan, Liz Kelly, Teenage Tolerance: The Hidden Lives of Young Irish People, Dublin, Dublin Women’s Aid.

Linda Reagan, Liz Kelly, 'Rhetorics and Realities: Sexual Exploitation of Children in Europe', London, CWASU, UNL., 2000

Linda Reagan, Liz Kelly and Sheila Burton Legacies of Abuse - it's more complicated than that: A qualitative study of the meanings and impacts of sexual abuse in childhood. End of award report to the ESRC. London, Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit, University of North London.


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