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Livingstone Musoro

Dr Livingstone Musoro is an economist working on socio-economic and healthcare issues related to globalisation, international migration and brain drain in the UK and Zimbabwe. Most of his work focuses on issues of compromised citizenship experienced by African migrant workers in the informal economy in the UK, international migration and brain drain in health systems, globalisation, HIV and socio-economic healthcare issues.
He works in collaboration with colleagues from London Metropolitan University's Department of Applied Social Sciences in preparing proposals for research bids for submission to various research funding bodies in the UK and abroad - an activity administered within the HRSJ Research Institute. He was a co-researcher in recent socio-economic and health care needs assessment studies of African migrants in Hertfordshire: Black Africans in Herts: Health & Social Care Issues. (Chinouya, Musoro & O'keefe, 2003), Milton Keynes: Black Africans in Milton Keynes: An Ubuntu-Hunhu Health and Social Care Needs Assessment Exercise (Chinouya, Musoro & O'keefe, 2004) and Manicaland in Zimbabwe: The Anglican Diocese of Manicaland: Capacity Building and Policy Response to the HIV and AIDS Crisis in Zimbabwe (Chinouya, Musoro & O'Keefe, in print).

Dr Musoro's geo-experience is wide. He has lived, studied and lectured economics at various universities in different countries in three continents that include the UK and Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine and Moldova), the USA and Africa (Zimbabwe and Mozambique). He brings to the Institute economics expertise and a wealth of comparative economic systems approaches to human rights and social justice issues.

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