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Jenny Newton

Dr. Jennifer Newton has a background in special needs research including a three year follow-up evaluating the benefits of FE for learning disabled school leavers for GLAD, is combined with a strong track record in mental health research. As researcher for National MIND, she conducted a review of the possibilities for the prevention of mental illness, and the implications for practice. Preventing Mental Illness, (1988)and Preventing Mental Illness in Practice, (1992) both Routledge books, have been widely used texts in the mental health and health promotion fields, and were cited in the first Health of the Nation handbook.She is an experienced project manager - three years as primary health care project manager at the Health Education Authority, and three more managing a cross-site evaluation of the implementation of care management for people with severe and enduring mental health problems for the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health. Care Management: is it Working? was published in July 1996. Since then she has combined a post-graduate teaching post with research .

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Tel: 020 7133 5106



Parry-Crooke, G., Oliver, C. & Newton, J. (2000)

Good Girls: surviving the secure system. London: WISH/UNL


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