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Janet Rudge

Dr Janet Rudge is a registered architect, with research interests in energy efficiency, fuel poverty and health. Much of her early professional experience, as an architect, was involved with housing associations and rehabilitation of older dwellings in northeast England. She later took an MSc in Environmental and Energy Studies and began teaching and researching in this subject area, first at the University of East London and then at the University of North London (now London Metropolitan University) in the Low Energy Architecture Research Unit (LEARN). She gained her PhD in 2004 with a thesis on 'Health, housing and affordable warmth: an investigation into the link between fuel poverty risk and the health of older people', which led on to an ESRC funded project : 'The impact of fuel poverty on health: contributing to the evidence base' in 2005-7.

Dr Rudge was also Administrator for the Network for Comfort and Energy Use in Buildings (a research network based at LEARN) during its 3 years of funding by the EPSRC. In a voluntary capacity, she is a member of the steering group for the National Right to Fuel Campaign.

Since 2006 Dr Rudge has been invited lead expert on cold homes to the WHO European Centre for Environment and Health for an ongoing WHO project on calculating the burden of disease of inadequate housing.

Dr Rudge now works for the London Borough of Ealing.


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