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Janet Loveless

Janet Loveless, Senior Lecturer and solicitor of the Supreme Court, has worked at the University since 1991 where she has had a number of key roles, including Directorship of the Legal Practice Course. She is also a former partner of a London legal aid firm, a member of the LLM Board of London University Examiners and an editor for ILEX. She is the author of Criminal Law, Text, Cases and Materials (OUP), 2nd Ed., 2010. 

She is primarily responsible for the undergraduate Criminal Law programme but also teaches a range of other undergraduate and postgraduate subjects such as Contract Law, Criminal Litigation, Advocacy and Criminal Justice and Human Rights.

Her research interests include women and criminal law, crime and human rights. She is currently conducting research with the University’s Institute of Human Rights on women and duress in the criminal trial process.

Contact details:

Tel: 020 7133 5080


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