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Jacqueline Laing

Dr. Jacqueline Laing teaches jurisprudence and criminal law in the faculty at city campus. She has published on a wide range of subjects in philosophy, law and human rights. She continues to write more broadly in the philosophy of mind and action, in ethics and jurisprudence.

She studied philosophy and law at the Australian National University winning prizes in philosophy and jurisprudence. She completed her doctorate at Brasenose College Oxford, with a thesis entitled Intention and Culpability, an analysis in the philosophy of the criminal law. A barrister of the High Court of Australia and a solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales, she has taught at St. Edmund Hall, Oxford, at the University of Melbourne and has worked as a Crown Prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service. She has contributed to such broadcast discussions as Radio 4''s, BBC Knowledge series and the Channel 4 News.

Her publications include Human Lives: Critical Essays on Consequentialist Bioethics (co-edited, London Macmillan, 1997) and contributions inter alia in the Monist, Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, Journal of Criminal Law, New Law Journal, Journal of Medical Ethics, Medical Law Review, Family Law Journal, recent collections on the natural law like Human Values, as well as in recognized works of reference such as the Blackwell Dictionary of Philosophy and Penguin Dictionary of Modern Thought.


BA LLB (ANU) DPhil (Oxon)
Barrister, High Court of Australia
Solicitor, England & Wales
Senior Lecturer in Law




BOOKS (post 2000) 

  • On Human Rights and Medical Law, Jacqueline Laing (forthcoming)


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Society of Legal Scholars University of Birmingham "The Hart-Devlin Debate Revisited" 14 February 2003.

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House of Commons Host: Brian Iddon MP (Lab) "GMC Draft Guidance on Withdrawing and Withholding Medical Treatment" May 20, 2002 Reported in Hansard, 22nd May, 2002.

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