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Eileen O'Keefe

Eileen O'Keefe is a Professor of Public Health at London Metropolitan University where she is a member of the Centre for Primary and Social Care and the Human Rights and Social Justice Research Institute.

Her books address inequalities in health in London as a world city and the management of community health services within the framework set by the WHO European Strategy.

Recent publications are devoted to globalisation, health impact assessment, human rights, community development with house-bound elders and the mental well-being of children.

She managed a British Council funded Partnership with the Ukrainian Academy of Public Administration which highlighted development of a strategy for health. She is consultant to the Commonwealth Secretariat and member of Consumers for Ethics in Research. She become the academic member on the London Health Commission''s Community Development Forum. The London Health Commission advises the Mayor, Ken Livingstone, on policies that impact on the health and healthcare of Londoners. Dr O''Keefe also took part in the Roundtable on the Right to Health sponsored by Physicians for Human Rights, which took place at the Doughty Street Cambers in February.

Current research includes work with African communities in the UK (with Dr Martha Chinouya) funded by the Nuffield Foundation and study of links between human rights, globalisation and health impact assessment (with Dr Alex Scott-Samuel).

In her local community Eileen was a member of a community health council, co-founded a network of people with disabilities to empower their involvement in multi-agency service planning and chaired the governing body of the inner city comprehensive attended by her children.


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