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Daniele Conversi

Professor Daniele Conversi, a Research Professor at the University of the Basque Country and Ikerbasque, the Basque Foundation for Science. received his PhD at the London School of Economics. He taught at the Government and History Departments at Cornell and Syracuse Universities, as well as at the Central European University, Budapest and University of Lincoln, UK. His first book, 'The Basques, the Catalans, and Spain' ( has been reviewed in over forty international journals.)

His volume, Ethnonationalism in the Contemporary World, is a collection of essays by some of the top international scholars entirely devoted to explore the relationship between nationalism and modernity. Other projects include: - Cosmopolitanism and nationalism - Boundaries, international security and the roots of violence - Ernest Gellner's theory of nationalism - Federalism and ethnic conflict resolution - Globalisation, Americanization and anti-Americanism - National and ethnic conflict in Southern Europe: comparing former Yugoslavia, Italy and Spain. -Globalisation, xenophobia, and the spread of ethnic conflict. Geographical areas of interest: Spain, Italy, former Yugoslavia Fields: Globalization, Comparative Politics, Theories of nationalism, Ethnic conflict resolution, Political Sociology.

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Articles and Book Chapters
'Globalization and Ethnic Conflict', in Bryan Turner (ed.) Handbook of Globalization Studies . London: Routledge/ Taylor & Francis, 2009  (in press)

'Dominant Ethnicities, Dominant Cultures and Cultural Resemblance',  in André Lecours and Geneviève  Nootens (eds), Dominant Nationalism, Dominant Ethnicity . Bruxelles: Peter I. Lang,  2009, pp. 57-72

'Art, Nationalism and War: Political Futurism in Italy (1909-1944)',/ Sociology Compass/, Volume 3, Issue 1, January 2009, pp. 92- 117  'Cultural Homogenization, Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide', in Patrick James, Gallya Lahav, Nukhet Sandal and Robert A. Denemark (eds)/ International Studies Association Compendium: Ethnicity, Nationalism and Migration/. Oxford/ Boston, MA: Wiley-Blackwell / ISA- ENMISA (peer-reviewed long essay of approximately 14,000 words; in press, 2010)

'Demolishing walls and building boundaries: Nationalism and globalization in the wider Europe', in Ireneusz Pawel Karolewski and Andrzej Marcin Suszycki (eds)/ Nationalism in Contemporary Europe: Theoretical Insights and Empirical Evidence/. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield/ Lexington Books (in press, 2009)

''We are all equals!' Militarism, homogenization and 'egalitarianism' in nationalist state-building (1789-1945)',/ Ethnic and Racial Studies/, vol. 31, no 7, 2008, pp. 1286-1314

'Democracy, nationalism and culture. The limits of liberal mono-culturalism'/, Sociology Compass/, Volume 2, Issue 1, January 2008, pp. 156-182

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