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Bethany Barratt

Bethany Barratt is an Associate Professor of Political Science at Roosevelt University in Chicago, and Director of Social Justice Programming, Mansfield Institute for Social Justice and Transformation. She comes to the field of human rights via a family history in the diplomatic corps and several years teaching in prisons and jails. She earned her PhD in Political Science from the University of California at Davis and her BA (Political Science and History) from Duke University. Professor Barratt’s publications include her book Human Rights and Foreign Aid: For Love or Money and several journal articles and book chapters. She is interested primarily in issues of social justice, development, and power in comparative perspective, especially in US, UK and commonwealth foreign policies.

Her latest book, on politics in popular fiction, is forthcoming from Palgrave McMillan, and she is intrigued by the political content of popular fiction and cinema.

Professor Barratt has also published on the counterterror/rights nexus (with Christian Erickson) and continues to pursue an active research agenda in that area, as well as in the areas of public opinion and foreign policy; gender, sexuality, and politics..

She is currently experimenting with transformative teaching techniques that incorporate social justice and human rights as pedagogy, rather than simply as a 'component' of other political science courses.



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BARRATT, B.2007. Human Rights and Foreign Aid: For Love or Money? London and
New York: Routledge.


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