London Metropolitan University Research Institutes

Seminar 6

Power to the people? Human rights and public services

22 June, LondonMet

Unfortunately, the above event was cancelled as a result of the UCU/Unison industrial action.

Seminar details:

Alongside deficit reduction, the coalition has pledged to transfer decision-making power from Whitehall to town halls and down to the grassroots. This seminar will examine the role of human rights in delivering (and critiquing) these twin imperatives. What is the role of human rights in reinvigorating the public service ethos and promoting genuine community participation in the design and delivery of services? Seen through a human rights lens, what are the risks and opportunities of ‘localism’?     

Chair:     Francesca Klug, Professorial Research Fellow, London School of Economics    


Stephen Bowen, Director, British Institute of Human Rights

Nicola Browne, Participation and Practice of Rights community-based project, Belfast

Prof. Hartley Dean, London School of Economics 

Dr Elizabeth Kelly/Dr Madeleine Coy, Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit, LondonMet  

John Kissane, Deputy Head of Human Rights Division, Ministry of Justice


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