London Metropolitan University Research Institutes

MPhil/PhD Research

HRSJ have hosted a series of events for research students and their supervisors, whose topics fall within the remit of 'human rights and social justice'.

The purpose of these events was not only to facilitate networking and interdisciplinary, but also to create a healthier and more productive research environment.

The first event held in February 2007, was a social gathering, providing an opportunity to meet other students and supervisors. This was followed by two half-day events for students to make presentations about their research. Students who presented included:

Ahmet Mustafa- 'The challenges of self-determination in contemporary international law'

Costas Paraskeva- 'The relationship between domestic implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights and the ongoing reforms of the European Court of Human Rights'

Friday Adejo- 'Patterns of utilisation of primary care services by sub-saharan African university students in London Metropolitan University'

Margaret Kennedy- 'Sexual Exploitation of Women by Christian Ministers in the UK and Ireland'

Jackie Turner- 'An exploratory study of the intersections between diasporas and organised crime groups in the constitution of the trafficking chain'


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