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Suspect Communities: The Real War on Terror in Europe

HRSJ hosted an international conference on Saturday 21 May 2005 co-sponsored by LondonMet's Institute for the Study of European Transformations (ISET), the Muslim Parliament of Great Britain, CAMPACC, the European Association of Lawyers for Democracy and World Human Rights and the Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers. The conference, in the Libeskind Building on Holloway Road, was attended by over 100 delegates.

UK speakers included: Prof Paddy Hillyard (Chair of Sociology at Queen's University Belfast); Mark Muller (Vice President of the Bar Human Rights Committee for England and Wales and Chair of the Kurdish Human Rights Project); Tony Bunyan (Statewatch); James Welch (Legal Director, Liberty); Ghayasuddin Siddiqui (Muslim Parliament); Masoud Zabeti (Anglo-Iranian Lawyers); Imran Khan (the Stephen Lawrence's family solicitor); and Martin Mubanga, who was held in Cuba''s Guantanamo Bay for almost three years on suspicion of being a terror suspect. Speakers from abroad included Julen Arzuaga (Basque Human Rights Observatory, Behatokia), Prof George Fletcher, of Columbia University, New York; Wolfgang Kaleck (German Lawyer, Chairman of Republican Attorney and Lawyer Association), Fabio Marcelli (National Co-ordinator of the Italian Association of Democratic Lawyers), Isabelle Saint-Saens (GISTI, France), Rudolf Schaller (Swiss Democratic Lawyers),

The conference delegates were a mixture of academics, professionals and activists, and workshops considered issues such as asylum, migration, detention, policing and terrorism lists. The experiences of the Irish community in Britain from the 1970s to '90s were compared with those of the Muslim communities today. Each workshop developed a series of action points.

The conference booklet has now been published, and if you would like to receive a copy please email


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