London Metropolitan University Research Institutes

Seminar 4

The European Court of Human Rights - Ensuring Access to Justice and Effective Redress?

Wednesday 23rd January 2008

Top row left to right, Panel (Francoise Hampson, Bob McKeever, Tony Fisher and Philip Leach) and Francoise Hampson with Philip Leach. Bottom row left to right, Tony Fisher and Bob McKeever with panel.
Introduction: Tony Fisher, Chairman, International Human Rights Committee, Law Society
Main Speaker: Prof Francoise Hampson, Department of Law, University of Essex
Responder: Prof Philip Leach, Director, HRSJ Research Institute London Metropolitan University
Chair: Prof Bob McKeever, Head of Dept for Law, Government and International Relations, London Metropolitan University
Previously lauded as providing, internationally, a model of effective human rights protection, and for laying down the ‘Basic Law of Europe’, is the European Court still able to provide true access to justice for the most vulnerable human rights victims across Europe? Indeed, is it a court? Can it, and should it, service the needs of potential applicants amongst 800 million inhabitants from 46 Council of Europe states? Drawing, inter alia, on the Court’s jurisprudence in the Kurdish and Chechen cases, this seminar examined whether sufficient accessibility, appropriate redress and rigorous implementation can be achieved in Strasbourg.


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