London Metropolitan University Research Institutes

Seminar 2

Wednesday 21st November 2007
Human Rights, Human Security and Development: Exploring Interconnections
Main Speaker: Prof Kevin Boyle (University of Essex)
Responder: Prof Joshua Castellino (University of Ulster)
Chair: Anjana Bahl (London Metropolitan University)

(Left to right: Prof Joshua Castellino, Prof Kevin Boyle, Anjana Bahl)

The renewed emphasis on the interconnectedness of United Nations objectives from a human rights standpoint was put forth at the 2005 World Summit in New York. Kofi Annan’s report In Larger Freedom set the tone for some agreement from UN members to support the need for stronger linkages between security concerns, human rights and development goals. This seminar explored the efforts that have been made to date to articulate connections between human rights, as legal norms and other norms or principles concerned with human welfare, such as equality, development, democracy, environment, peace and security as well as the rule of law. Linkages between rights and these other fields are primarily about implementation and social change. There is arguably a need to build a common platform among practitioners, educators and researchers to embrace different disciplinary perspectives in reaching goals of human security and development. This seminar also introduced the broader framework of analysis of rights that is emerging as the linkages are pursued at the level of theory, advocacy and policy.


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