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Seminar 1

Wednesday 10 October 2007
The Human Rights Act and Social Exclusion
Main Speaker: Professor Conor Gearty (London School of Economics)
Responder: Katie Ghose (British Institute of Human Rights)
Chair: Professor Philip Leach (Human Rights & Social Justice Research Institute)

Seminar1 Ghose

Seminar1 Gearty

With the Commission for Equality and Human Rights coming on stream in October 2007, this seminar assessed the track record of the UK Human Rights Act, and its future potential, in opening doors for socially excluded people.
What has been achieved for the homeless, for people with disabilities, for the chronically poor, for the elderly, for victims of discrimination? Can we aspire towards and achieve a human rights culture aiming for social justice? Or is the Human Rights Act more appearance than substance as far as the disadvantaged are concerned? What should be the priorities for the Commission for Equality and Human Rights and whither the debate for a UK Bill of Rights?
To listen, click on the links below;
Seminar1 Panel
(Right to left: Katie Ghose, Prof Philip Leach, Prof Conor Gearty)


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