Professor Jeffrey Haynes

Associate Dean of Faculty, Research and Postgraduate, and Director of the Centre for the Study of Religion, Conflict and Cooperation, London Metropolitan University, Calcutta House, Old Castle Street, London E1 7NT

Jeffrey Haynes is recognised as an international authority in five separate areas: religion and international relations; religion and politics; democracy and democratisation; development studies; and comparative politics and globalisation.

He has written many books, journal articles and book chapters, totalling around 160 such publications since 1986. They include a 17,000-word discussion paper for the Geneva-based United Nations Research Institute for Social Development, ‘Religion, Fundamentalism and Identity: A Global Perspective’ (1995) and a 15,000-word study for the Commonwealth Secretariat, ‘Political Transformation in the Commonwealth’ (2009).

Between 1993 and 2012, Jeff Haynes produced 30 books (14 single authored, 1 co-authored, 12 edited and 2 co-edited). His most recent and forthcoming books are:

  • Transnational Religions and Soft Power, Aldershot, Ashgate, 2012.
  • Routledge Handbook of Democratization (editor) (Routledge, 2011)
  • Religious Actors in the Public Sphere: Means, Objectives, and Effects (co-edited with Anja Hennig) (Routledge, 2011)
  • Religion, Politics and International Relations: Selected Essays (Routledge, 2011)
  • World Politics: International Relations and Globalisation in the 21st Century (co-author, with Peter Hough, Shahin Malik and Lloyd Pettiford) (Longman, 2010)
  • Special Issue of Totalitarian Movements and Political Religions (‘Globalization, Religion and Secularization: Different States, Same Trajectories?, co-edited with Guy ben Porat), June 2010. 
  • Religion and Politics in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa (editor) (Routledge/ECPR Studies in European Political Science, 2010) 
  • Religion and Democratisations (editor) (Routledge, 2010) 
  • Religion and Politics: Critical Concepts (four volumes) (editor) (Routledge, 2009) 
  • Religion and Politics in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Secularisation, democracy and citizenship (editor and contributor of two chapters) (Routledge/ECPR Studies in European Political Science, 2009) 
  • The Handbook of Religion and Politics (editor) (Routledge, 2008) 
  • Development Studies: A Short Introduction (Polity, 2008)
  • Religion and Development: Conflict or Cooperation? (Palgrave, 2007), 
  • An Introduction to Religion and International Relations (Pearson, 2007) The Politics of Religion. A Survey (editor and contributor of two-thirds of the book’s content) (Routledge, 2006) 
  • Comparative Politics in a Globalizing World (Polity, 2005) 
  • Advances in Development Studies (editor and contributor of three chapters, (Palgrave, 2005)

His most recent peer-reviewed articles are:

  • ‘Introduction: Globalization, Religion and Secularization: Different States, Same Trajectories?’ (with Guy Ben Porat), Special Issue of Totalitarian Movements and Political Religions, 11,  2 (June 2010), pp. 125–132.
  • ‘Democratisation in the Middle East and North Africa: What is the effect of globalisation?’, Special Issue of Totalitarian Movements and Political Religions (Globalization, Religion and Secularization: Different States, Same Trajectories?’), 11, 2 (June 2010), pp. 133-149.
  • ‘Politics, identity and religious nationalism in Turkey: From Atatürk to the AKP’, Australian Journal of International Affairs, June 2010.
  • ‘Religion and Democratizations: An Introduction’, Democratization, 16, 6 (December 2009)
  • ‘Conclusion: Religion, democratization and secularization’, Democratization, 16, 6 (December 2009)
  • ‘Transnational Religious Actors and International Order’, Perspectives, 17, 2 (December 2009), pp. 43-70.
  • The political and social context of intercivilisational conflict and the possibilities of peace building’, The Israel Journal of Conflict Management, 1, 1. Special issue, Ben Mollov, guest editor:  ‘Intercivilizational Conflict: Can it be Moderated?’, Spring 2009, pp. 29-48.
  • ‘Conflict, Conflict Resolution and Peace-building: The Role of Religion in Mozambique, Nigeria and Cambodia’, Commonwealth and Comparative Politics, 47, 1, February 2009, pp. 52-75.
  • ‘Religion and a human rights culture in America’, The Review of Faith & International Affairs, 6, 2 (June 2008), pp. 73-82.
  • ‘Religion and foreign policy making in the USA, India and Iran: towards a research agenda’, Third World Quarterly, 29, 1 (February 2008) pp 143–165.
  • ‘Islam, pluralism and politics’ (‘Islam, Pluralismo y Politica’), Revista Internacional de Pensamiento Politico, No. 3/ 1st Semestre, September 2007, pp. 1-17.
  • ‘Religion, ethnicity, and civil war in Africa: the cases of Uganda and Sudan’, The Round Table, 96, 390, pp. 305-317 (June 2007).
  • ‘Islam and democracy in East Africa’, Democratization, 13, 3 (June 2006), pp. 489-506.
  • ‘Review article: ‘Religion and International Relations in the 21st Century: Conflict or Cooperation?,’ Third World Quarterly, 27, 3 (April 2006), pp. 535-41.
  • ‘Islamic militancy in East Africa,’ Third World Quarterly, 26, 8, (December 2005), pp. 1321-39.
  • ‘Al-Qaeda: ideology and action’, Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, 8, 2 (June 2005), pp. 177-91. (Subsequently published in a Routledge book in 2005)
  • ‘Review article: Religion and International Relations after “9/11”‘, Democratization, 12, 3 (June 2005), pp. 398-413.
  • ‘Islam, pluralism and politics’, Contemporary Politics, 10, 3/4 (September-December 2004), pp. 287-95.
  • ‘Religion and International Relations: What are the issues?’, International Politics, 41, 3, (September 2004), pp. 451-62.
  • ‘Religion and democratization in Africa’, Democratization, 11, 4, August 2004, pp. 66–89.

Jeffrey Haynes’s abilities and expertise as an academic and research leader are also manifested by his experience in forming and developing research networks and communities. He has regularly organised and directed international academic events over the last 15 years. These include major workshops and conference sections variously focused on religion, democracy and politics for the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) at Bordeaux (1995), Mannheim (1995), Canterbury (2001), Marburg (2003), Budapest (2005), Turin (2007) and Potsdam (2009). He also organised a Panel, ‘Religion and International Relations’ at the 20th International Political Science Association World Congress in Fukuoka, Japan, in July 2006. In addition he has in recent years directed the following:  A six-day workshop with 20 selected participants, ‘Religion and Politics: Conflict or Cooperation?, ECPR Joint Sessions of Workshops, University of Helsinki, Finland, 7-12 May 2007; Section organiser, ‘Religion, soft power, and international relations’, comprising six panels at the Sixth Pan-European International Relations Conference, Turin, Italy, 12-15 September 2007; Co-organiser of a 13-person workshop ('Religion, secularisation, globalisation: A changing terrain?') at the European University Institute MENA meeting, Montecatini Terme, Italy, 12-15 March 2008; Organiser of 10-panel section ('Religion, globalisation and security') at the 2nd World International Studies Conference, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 23-26 July 2008; Co-organiser, eight-panel section, ‘Religion and Politics’, IPSA conference, Santiago, Chile, July 2009; Co-organiser, nine-panel section, ‘Religion and Politics’, ECPR General conference, Potsdam, September 2009; Co-organiser, 11th Annual Mediterranean Research Meeting, Montecatini, Italy, March 2010; and organiser of an 8-panel section – ‘Religion and Politics in the Public realm’ - at the Political Studies Association 60th Annual conference at Edinburgh, March 2010

Professor Haynes is convenor of the ECPR’s Religion and Politics Standing Group, with over 200 active members, editor of its newsletter (published three times a year), vice-chair of the International Political Science Association’s Research Centre, ‘Religion and Politics’ and co-editor of its newsletter, and co-editor of the journal, Democratization, published six times a year by Taylor and Francis.


Professor Jeffrey Haynes

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