London Universities Consortium for the study of Religion, Politics and Society

Welcome to the home page of the London Universities Consortium for the Study of Religion, Politics and Society, (LU) CORPS.

CORPS is a network of London-based higher education academics and institutions with teaching, research and consultancy interests in the relationship between religion, politics and contemporary social life. It has been established in response to the growing interest in the social and political significance of religion and its goals are to:

  • encourage a reflection on religion, politics and society that engages other academics, policy-makers, the media, faith communities and a wider public, in a way that values and respects the autonomy of academic enquiry and debate.

  • support collaborative working in this field between academic colleagues across London universities by running consortium meetings and conferences, sharing knowledge, and disseminating information about relevant events and resources at each partner institution.

  • provide a framework for specific kinds of future collaboration between London universities in this field, such as the development of collaborative research projects, and conferences and seminars to support the development of post-graduate students

  • make more visible the range of academic expertise in London on religion, politics and society to other academics, research funders, policy-makers, the media and the wider public.

This website provides more information about the rationale behind the creation of this consortium, the institutions involved in the consortium (including work currently being undertaken in this area at each institution), and events and projects being run by the consortium or its member institutions.

London Universities Consortium for the study of Religion, Politics and Society
The CORPS Rationale

National Student Survey

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