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music and technology


Allan Seago

Design of electronic musical instrument interfaces; psychoacoustics with particular emphasis on timbre perception; new interfaces for musical expression; new musical instruments.

Email: a.seago@londonmet.ac.uk

Javier Alejandro Garavaglia

Practice and theory of instrumental and electronic composition; live electronics programming (MAXMSP); instrumental performance (viola).

Email: j.garavaglia@londonmet.ac.uk

Lewis Jones

Musical instrument history and documentation; reconstruction of historical instruments; new musical instruments; medieval and early modern instrumental repertories; historical performance practice, especially analogies between vocal and instrumental practices; performance analysis, including analysis of recorded music; editing musical texts; tuning theory and practice; composition and performance (conductor, flautist and singer).

Email: l.jones@londonmet.ac.uk

Alexander Wendt

Sound ecology, phonography, converging the sonic landscape and digital storytelling, Visual and sonic arts, installation and performance, Interplay of and interaction with audio/visual concepts, Lighting, Sound engineering and music production, publication and design

Email: a.wendt@londonmet.ac.uk

Luke Hastilow

Music Technology related Electronics/Software design, Interactive and Embedded Systems, new Interfaces for Electronic Music Composition, Synthesizer design/theory, Physical Computing, Audio-Electronics, bespoke system design for Interactive Art Installations, Electronic Music composition, Semantic Audio, Audio Media management.

Email: l.hastilow@londonmet.ac.uk

Elaine Thomazi-Freitas

Interactive arts, performance/installation, contemporary arts, computer music, digital video, music composition, new aesthetics, transformed into art materials and expressions, new techniques, music and technology, cultural diversity and interaction.

Email: e.thomazifreitas@londonmet.ac.uk

Nicholas Blishen

Author of a Guitar Making book for Crowood Press, which includes an in depth and detailed description of the complete making process, and constructing and photographing guitars to illustrate the technique.

Email: n.blishen@londonmet.ac.uk

London Metropolitan University