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design production and manufacture


Assa Ashuach
Product design; collaboration with architects; self-production.

Email: a.ashuach@londonmet.ac.uk

Jane Atfield MA
Furniture design; relationship of domestic furniture and objects to wider social and environmental issues; background in recycling and sustainability; material explorations and commercial applications, including post-consumer recycled plastics and bamboo; perception of archetypes; children's development connected to their material world.

Email: j.atfield@londonmet.ac.uk

Tomoko Azumi
Furniture, space and product design; the usage of advanced technologies in creative process of 3D; product and exhibition design; how the applications are used in concept developments and to bridge design concepts to emotional quality in result.

Email: t.azumi@londonmet.ac.uk

William Brown
Visual anthropology and visual culture, including made and conceptual environmental interventions, particularly relating to the visually impaired; photography and moving image; type and typographic practice including letterpress and pre-digital methods and techniques.

Email: w.brown@londonmet.ac.uk

Jez Bradley
Product and automotive design; manual sketching techniques in relation to current design practise; materials and manufacture including high volume polymers; design management, particularly SMEs in UK.

Email: j.bradley@londonmet.ac.uk

Helen Carnac
Drawing as an intellectual act, especially in relation to non-verbal discourse; exploration of industrial vitreous enamel and processes on copper and steel plates; sustainability, ethics and values within the arena of metals in the global context.

Email: h.carnac@londonmet.ac.uk

Alan Craxford

Jewellery in coloured golds, silver and platinum; use of white and coloured diamonds and gemstones including Tanzanite, Tourmaline, Iolite and Sapphire; the unique object and the use of carving by hand in jewellery.

Email: a.craxford@londonmet.ac.uk

Susanna Edwards
Shifts and developments in technology and how these affect the way work is produced; the introduction of computers to the mainstream in the 1980’s, and the ways in which this has affected art and design practice; the extent to which craft
has been relegated to a hobby; what the relevance and necessity of craft is today, and how contemporary artists and designers incorporate craft in their work; how developments in technology have augmented shifts in the visual world, across disciplines; psychogeography; Art/Science platforms for research; multidisciplinary collaborative research in the realms of Science and Literature.

Email: s.edwards@londonmet.ac.uk

Steven Follen
Metalwork; Drawing with metal; Materials and Process; Use of digital technologies in development of design ideas and production; Drawing as thinking; Drawing as learning; Teaching and Learning; Landscape and place as source; Museums and collections as source; Public arts; Public engagement through the arts.

Email: s.follen@londonmet.ac.uk

Marianne Forrest
Developing formal and informal surfaces and interfaces using time and form as leading concerns.

Email: m.forrest@londonmet.ac.uk

David Gates
Contemporary furniture design, practice and theory including sustainability and ethics; the role and necessity of making in contemporary culture; the sense of location and the modern vernacular; the legitimisation of process and making as an intellectual act.

Email: d.gates@londonmet.ac.uk

David Goodwin
Jewellery and object design; New Technologies; Rapid Prototyping; Rapid Manufacture; Laser Cutting; Laser Welding; CNC machining; Computer Aided Design; Precious and non precious materials for production with new and current technologies.

Email: d.goodwin@londonmet.ac.uk

Charlotte Gorse MA

Contemporary goldsmithing; engendered adornment; materiality within popular culture; display within applied art and craft; objectification and fetish; body technologies; the fashioned object; gender and sexual politics; subject specificity versus interdisciplinarity.

Email: c.gorse@londonmet.ac.uk

Paul Harper
Epistemology and research methods for craft; the documentation and analysis of practice; theories of language and meaning with regard to art and craft; the purpose and meaning of craft in contemporary culture; the reflective practitioner.

Email: p.harper@londonmet.ac.uk

Annabelle Hartmann
Illustration as a contemporary narrative art form; illustration communicating an individual personal voice; imaginary visual worlds; the close observation of the surrounding urban environment; the combination and comparison of ‘well-known’ and ‘innovative’ methods of imagemaking.

Email: A.Hartmann@londonmet.ac.uk

Tina Lilienthal

Email: t.lilienthal@londonmet.ac.uk

Mah Rana
Contemporary Art Jewellery; employing traditional and new technologies and materials, photography and text; issues of value, communication, personal and collective histories are explored and presented.

Email: m.rana@londonmet.ac.uk

Simone ten Hompel MA
Winner of the prestigious 2005 Jerwood Applied Arts Prize for metalwork (£30,000). Interests: Smithing metal and other media; the 'voice' in and of metal; articulation and representation in the applied arts; functionality without function.

Email: s.ten-hompel@londonmet.ac.uk

William Warren
William Warren runs a furniture and product design consultancy that works with manufacturers, distributors and retailers. William is also a Senior Lecturer at London Met University.
His approach is to answer briefs in lateral way, with attention paid to questioning utility and improving the overall emotional experience of the user. His products ask the viewer to think about their belongings, and are often humorous in their conceptual twist.

Email: w.warren@londonmet.ac.uk

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