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Rosemarie McGoldrick
Techniques of the Bird Observer II


The Scarecrow
Averoff-Tossizza Museum
Metsovo, Greece

July 1 - September 17, 2006

The Scarecrow - private view invitation

The position of animals in our society is an issue once principally addressed by scientists only. Increasingly, academics in the fields of philosophy, law and the arts now come at the question from angles that challenge the hegemony of the scientific establishment in this area; I see my research as part of this development.

After an expression of interest in my research into nature-watching, I was asked to make a piece for The Scarecrow, a Greco-British group show in June 2006 at the E. Averoff Museum of Contemporary Art in Metsovo, Greece, funded by Alpha Bank and the Baron Michael Tossizza Foundation. I used the opportunity to examine the fear of looking, partly inspired by the political arrests in Greece of British hobbyists suspected of spying some years ago.

Techniques of the Bird Observer II is a white wall-mounted box with a pair of red-lens binoculars emerging from the box - an alienating presence. If the viewer approaches the binoculars and looks through a lens, a small shock lies in store - the glass eye of a stuffed bird stares back at the viewer close-up, a pigeon or a sparrow, depending on the lens chosen. The piece is about species-ism - overcoming a simple fairground fear in order to look at animals and recognise that we are animals, too, and that we are also being looked at.

International artists contributing to The Scarecrow included Jake & Dinos Chapman, Hew Locke and Mariko Mori among many others.

The Scarecrow - selected catalogue pages

The installation Techniques of the Bird Observer II was acquired by Rita Duffy in March 2007 for the Northern Ireland Civil Service’s contemporary art collection on art and nature, based at Workplace 2010.

please also refer to hardcopy item for this output.

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