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Tina Lilienthal


Birthday Party: 25 Years of Legnica Silver Festivals
Gallery of Art
Legnica, Poland

May 1 - June 6, 2004

work: Vanity - necklace

Birthday Party catalogue pages

The necklace, Vanity, forms part of the Seven Deadly Sins research project. The necklace is made of silver and mixed media, drawing further reference to contemporary notions of body image and transfiguration.

As with other works, this research project continues to address themes of materiality and preciousness. In addition, it interrogates notions of storytelling and myth implicit within traditional central European craft.

Birthday Party: 25 Years of Legnica Silver Festivals celebrates 25 years of activity of the Gallery of Art in Legnica in the area of contemporary jewellery. Lilienthal was invited to participate in this important show, which identifies key practitioners in contemporary jewellery over a twenty-five year period, both Polish and international jewellery artists and reflects the historic moment at which Poland rejoined the European community.

Selected participants include Ted Noten, David Watkins, Wendy Ramshaw, Peter Chang, Karl Fritsch, Christoph Zellweger.

This artefact continues the combination of traditional materials associated with jewellery with less orthodox materials to challenge conventional notions of jewellery as body adornment. In this piece, plastic source material is subjected to "electroforming", a process similar to silver plating, hence transforming a mass-produced plastic form into a valuable object by virtue of the use of a coating of precious metal.

The seven deadly sins series was also selected for Jewellery - Unlimited, Bristol and has won the Marzee Prijs, Galerie Marzee, Nijmegen, Holland, August - September 2003 and 1st Prize for Fashion Jewellery, Goldsmiths' Company, February 2004.

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