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Tina Lilienthal


ShowCASe: Contemporary Art For The UK
Talbot Rice Gallery

January 22 - March 12, 2005

work: Anger - necklace

ShowCASe on the Contemporary Art Society website

My work consists of a combination of traditional materials associated with jewellery such as silver, but importantly this is combined with less orthodox support materials such as shoelace and embroidery. Through this a playful relationship is established between the unorthodox source material, found objects and more traditional techniques, transformed and juxtaposed to reveal new and novel connections that challenge conventional notions of jewellery as simply body adornment. An old story is reinvented in new and unconventional materials opposing the meanings of cheap and expensive, old and new, mundane and precious - creating a form of "body sculpture" or "conceptual jewellery". the underlying theme of transformation can be contextually linked to works of Claes Oldenburg and the Surrealists.

ShowCASe, a major exhibition in early 2005, featured over 150 works of contemporary fine art and craft acquired by the Contemporary Art Society (CAS) over the past four years. It was a unique opportunity to view works that enriched nearly 100 member museum collections when presented by the CAS in 2005.

The exhibition brought together the work of contemporary artists and craft makers, placing young artists at a formative stage in their career alongside those with an established international reputation, and illuminated the breadth of current practice and the diversity of contemporary media.

My contribution consisted of a necklace, Anger made of silver and mixed media inspired by the theme of the seven deadly sins and is one of a series of pieces derived from this theme.

The seven deadly sins series was also selected for Jewellery - Unlimited, Bristol and has won the Marzee Prijs, Galerie Marzee, Nijmegen, Holland, August - September 2003 and 1st Prize for Fashion Jewellery, Goldsmiths' Company, February 2004.

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