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Tina Lilienthal


Gallery Launch
Studio North

October 25 - November 25, 2007

work: Journey - 19 pieces of jewellery with display

Studio North is a multi-disciplinary creative enterprise with its own gallery space, workshops and administrative area. The premises, a former off-licence, have been purpose-designed to link exhibition with making space. It is a collaborative project between four Royal College of Art graduates (Chrysanthe Staikopoulou, Yu-Wen Lu, Tina Lilienthal, Shu-Yee Mak) creating a space to curate exhibitions of our own work (as a group or solo), other artists and to have a voice in the world of contemporary jewellery as well as to re-establish the link between the maker and the client.

Studio North press release


The core idea is to avoid the imposition of a corporate style, retain the individuality of each jeweller, and encourage creative exchange between group members and also between the group and the visitors to the gallery.

Studio North Gallery opened for the first time with an exhibition curated by the four resident jewellers. To emphasise distinctiveness and autonomy each maker brought or installed their own display, which ranged from vintage cabinet to purpose-designed shelf. My own contribution is a minimal wall display consisting of twelve black panels on which nineteen pieces of jewellery are hung.

The symbolism used in the pieces is representative of my own personal journey within the field of contemporary jewellery: the telling of stories and the meaning of symbols within that has always influenced my work but has now found a new platform on which it can be accessed.

Slideshow: Tina Lilienthal - Journey

In future Studio North Gallery will be a space for me to explore my relationship with my work, the relationship between viewers and my work and to build new relationships through collaborations with other artists.

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