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Charles Kriel
Kriel EM at Glastonbury

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BBC Three / BBCi live national telecast

June 25 - 27, 2004

live expanded cinema telecast

Read details on the BBC website

As part of a series of telecast artworks, BBCi / BBC Three commissioned Kriel to produce a twelve-hour performative video work to accompany BBC Three’s coverage of Glastonbury 2004. The work was performed in three four-hour segments using prototype DVJ technologies from Pioneer Electronics, and was available on BBCi via BBC Three. It was the world’s first live nationally telecast expanded cinema performance. Other artists previously commissioned as part of the series included Laurie Anderson and the photographer, Rankin.

Expanded cinema is the practice of live video mixing from prepared visual elements, as lexia, to create an on-the-fly visual monologue. In some practices, it is narrative in form, however, for this commission, the first parameter set was to create a continuous, four-hour visual stream which remained blank in terms of narrative function, allowing the live, performed tele-visual content and stream to act as a sort of mass visual unconscious for the viewers.

A store of more than 70 DVDs of original video clips were created by a team led by Kriel over the course of six weeks. Kriel worked closely with Pioneer to implement their new DVJ technologies, which had never been used for a performance of any type. Methodologies for visual performance, live broadcast and rapid DVD production had to be established in the research studio, as well as the beginning of a visual aesthetic for DVJ-based live visual performance.

Slideshow: Charles Kriel - Kriel EM at Glastonbury

Pete Tong presented the broadcast. Over three nights, the performance drew record audiences to BBCi. A document of the broadcast is available to the public and researchers via the BBC Archives. The performance resulted in a feature on Research TV, a Conference Contribution and further performance at the Banff Summer Arts Festival (Banff Centre, Alberta, Canada), and a 2004 performance at ISEA (Inter Society of Electronic Arts), Helsinki.

video clip on Charles Kriel's website

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