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Charles Kriel

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Nuit Blanche Festival
Institute of Contemporary Culture at the Royal Ontario Museum
Toronto, Canada

September 29, 2007

A single-authored audio-visual performance, headlining Toronto’s Nuit Blanche Festival

DSM5 press release

DSM5 was a solo audio-visual open-air performance, commissioned by the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), Toronto, to headline the Nuit Blanche Festival. The audience for the 16-hour Nuit Blanche is estimated at 500,000 attendees.

Projected 25 x 50 metres, covering the fragmented surface of the 18,600 sqm Daniel Libeskind-designed ROM Crystal, DSM5 took as its formal starting point both the innovation of visual arts audio-visual performativity, as well as the unique site of the ROM Crystal (DSM5 is to date the only work designed specifically for this structure).

In content, DSM5 was a live projected AV work delineating the fragmented Deconstructivist surface of Canada’s leading cultural institution, via a meditation on the development of diagnostic techniques for mental disorders; the differences between the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders I (DSM-I) and the DSM-IV were used as road-maps. In execution, the work also sought to comment on Libeskind’s practice itself, with its culling of consistent themes from his previous works.

Work progressed from commissioning in March 2007 through to performance and documentation at the end of September, and included a research period commencing in April, which included:

- site visits
- a reading of DSM-I through DSM-IV, via contemporary Lacanian theorist Darian Leader
- field analysis of previous works in the field
- an assessment of Libeskind’s designs for the ROM, the Berlin Jewish Museum, London Metropolitan University’s Graduate Centre, and the Denver Art Museum
- a re-assessment of my outputs, seeking material for fragmentation and incorporation into DSM5, reflecting Libeskind’s cannibalisation of his previous outputs

Slideshow: Charles Kriel - DSM5

Production and performance used prototype technologies still unavailable to the public or researchers, and established working methods for their use. These methods will be presented in conferences.

DSM5 is permanently available to researchers and the public via the ROM archive.

Nuit Blanche Festival website

more details on the ROM website

Please also refer to hardcopy item for this output.

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