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RAE 2008

music and technology


Dr. Javier Alejandro Garavaglia

Course Leader/Senior Lecturer Music Technology (Sound for Media)

Contact: j.garavaglia@londonmet.ac.uk



Research Interests

Practice and theory of instrumental and electronic composition; live electronics programming (MAXMSP); instrumental performance (viola), Audio DSP for musical production and creation, audiovisual, acousmatic and interactive, works for solo instruments, chamber music, ensembles and big orchestra; many of them include electronic media such as multi-track devices or live-electronics. Publications about diverse subjects such as the relationship between music technology and the dramaturgy of music and automation in live electronics from a historic perspective.



PhD by Prior Output awarded by London Metropolitan University (2010). Supervision team: Prof. Simom Emmerson (De Montfort University), Lewis Jones (London Metropolitan University). Examiners: Prof. Leigh Landy (De Montfort University, Leicester, UK) and Prof. Peter Nelson (University of Edinburgh, UK).

Postgraduate studies (Kuenstlerische Abschlusspruefung im Studiengang Komposition in den Studienrichtungen Instrumentale und Elektronische Komposition), Folkwang Hochschule-Essen, Germany. Degree equivalent to a PhD in the UK.

Facultad de Arte y Ciencias Musicales de la Universidad Catolica Argentina (Buenos Aires- Argentina) (1980-1986) finished with the Golden medal with the degree: Professor in Music composition.

Since 2008: Juror of the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (City University of New York, USA)
1999 to 2008: Associate Director of the Annual Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival. (University of Florida, USA)

Since 2007: ILAMS (Iberian & Latin American Music Society, UK) - (2008-2010, secretary of the board)

Since 2004: Sound And Music (ex SPNM/Sonic Arts Network, UK)

Since 1999: EMF (Electronic Music Foundation, USA), permanent subscriber.

Since 1997: DeGeM (Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Elektroakustische Musik e.V., Germany),

Since 1996: GEMA (Gesellschaft fuer musikalische Auffuehrungs-und mechanische Vervielfaeltigungsrechte, Germany)

Since 1996: ICMA (International Computer Music Association)

1996-2007: GNMR (Gesellschaft fuer Neue Musik Ruhr) - (2001-2007, member of the board)


Main research grants, awards and commissions

2010 Commission: composition and invitation to perform a new acousmatic piece at the tiefklang Festival (Berlin, September 2010). Premiere of 'Miniaturstueck I'.

2008 Commission: composition and invitation to perform a new piece for viola and electronics at the Festival 'Farb-laut' in Berlin, Germany. Premiere of' farb-laut E - Violet', for viola and MAXMSP in 5.1 surround sound (Berlin 1.11.08).

2008 Award for best paper dealing with the conference theme for CMMR/NTSMB 2008 'Genesis of Meaning in Sound and Music' for the paper Music and Technology: What impact does Technology have on Music's Dramaturgy. (Denmark)

2005 Commission: composition of 'Hoquetus' for Tarogato (or Saxophone) and Electronics (MAXMSP). Commission by Prof. Dr. Lamneck (NYU, USA). Premiere of the piece: April 2005 - Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival. Tarogato: Esther Lamneck.

(2001 -2003) Commission: composition of L.S. (waiting for changes) for small orchestra. Commission by the Luxembourg Sinfonietta (Luxembourg). Premiere of the piece: 30.11.03 Luxembourg Sinfonietta conducted by Marcel Wengler - Cercle Municipal Luxembourg.

2001 Finalist in category B for the MUSIC NOVA 2001 competition (organised by the Czech Music
Council and the Czech Society for Electroacoustic Music) for 'Spectral Colours'.

1999 Commission: Music for the Film 'Immaculate Springs' by Dominique A. Faix by the Firm Interartes (Mediengestaltung Filmproduktion GmbH) in Essen - Germany. (1998)

1997 Award TRIMARG 97 'Consejo Argentino de la Musica' (Internacional Music Council (UNESCO)) for the piece LABERINTO (...'palabras, poemas'...)

1996 Mention award from the Tribuna Nacional de Musica Electroacustica - Argentina (UNESCO) for the piece Arte Poetica (II. Stanza)

1995 FOLKWANG-PREIS for composition 1995 (Essen-Germany).

Short residencies (Keynote Speaker): Keele University, UK (2009), St. Thomas University, Fredericton, New Brunswick (Canada) (2009), University of Chicago (IL, USA) (2006), University of North Carolina Greensboro (NC, USA) (2006)



Article: 'Raising Awareness About Complete Automation of Live-Electronics: a Historical Perspective' in Auditory Display, 6th International Symposium CMMR/ICAD 2009, Copenhagen, Denmark, May 2009. Revised papers Lecture Notes in Computer Science - LNCS 5054 Springer Verlag. Berlin, Heilderberg (2010) pp. 438-465
ISSN 0302-9743 ISBN-10 3-642-12438-0 / Springer Verlag. Berlin, Heilderberg, New York.
ISBN-13 978-3-642-12438-9 / Springer Verlag. Berlin, Heilderberg, New ork.

Paper ICAD 2009 - TIMELESS SOUND - Copenhagen - Denmark: 'Full Automation In Live Electronics: Advantages and Disadvantages'. Proceedings of the 2009 ICAD Conference Edition: Kristoffer Jensen. May 2009. Publisher: Re:New - Digital arts Forum (Denmark) pp. 112-118.
ISBN: 978-87-7606-033-6

Composition available on CD: 'farb_laut E - VIOLET' for viola & MaxMSP Recorded live on April 4th, 2009 at the C.U.N.Y. Graduate Center, NYC, USA. Viola: Javier A. Garavaglia. CD: RE-NEW 09 Festival - Denmark.

Article in Book / Excerpts of composition's recording on attached Audio CD (Feb. 2009) Internationales Klangkunstfest farb_laut - Ausstellung, Konzerte und Symposium Herausgegeben von Thomas Gerwin. Book contains: Garavaglia's CV and notes to the piece 'farb_laut E - VIOLET' for viola & MaxMSP (in German), p. 17 and 47. Attached Audio CD contains (Track 2) excerpts (7 min and 34 sec) of the premiere of the piece 'farb_laut E - VIOLET' for viola & MaxMSP in Berlin (Nov. 1st 2008, Teehaus im Englischen Garten) Viola: Javier A. Garavaglia.
ISBN: 978-3-00-026998-1

Article in Online Journal JMM - The Journal of Music and Meaning http://www.musicandmeaning.net JMM 7, Fall/Winter 2008
Invited Paper - Javier Alejandro Garavaglia: 'Music and Technology: What Impact Does Technology Have on the Dramaturgy of Music?'(NOTE: this is an enhanced and enlarged version of a previous paper at the CMMR/NTSMB 2008 and can be downloaded from http:// www.musicandmeaning.net).

Article in Book: 'Live-electronics: Procesamiento del sonido en tiempo real. Perspectiva historica - Distintos metodos y posturas'. Escritos sobre Audiovision - Lenguajes, Tecnologias, Producciones - LIBRO 3 - Compilation by Susana Espinosa - Coleccion Humanidades y Arte / Serie Audiovision - 2008 - Ediciones de la UNLa (Lanus, Argentina) pp. 161-174.
ISBN 978-987-1326-20-4 (Article published in Spanish)

Paper CMMR/NTSMB 2008 - Genesis of Meaning in Digital Art - Copenhagen - Denmark: 'Music and technology: What impact does technology have on music’s dramaturgy?' Proceedings of the 2008 Computers in Music Modelling and Retrieval (CMMR) and Network for Cross-Disciplinary Studies of Music and Meaning Conference (NTSMB) - Genesis of Meaning in Digital Art. Edition: Kristoffer Jensen. May 2008. Publisher: Re:New - Digital arts Forum (Denmark) pp. 99-108.
ISBN: 978-87-7606-027-5

Paper ICMC 07 - Denmark - Copenhagen: 'Sound&Media Studios @ Londonmet, Commercial Rd.' Proceedings of the 2007 International Computer Music Conference, Volume 1. Edition: The International Computer Music Conference Association (USA) and Re:New - Digital arts Forum (Denmark). August 2007. Publisher: Suvisoft Ltd, Finland, pp. 303-306.
ISBN: 0-9713192-5-1

Composition available on commercial CD: GRANULAR GONG - CD 'Festival Internacional Sonoimagenes 2005' - VOLUMEN 1/ Coleccion SONIDOS Y VISIONES DEL SUR / Musica electroacustica de compositores nacionales e internacionales, edited by the Universidad Nacional de Lanus, Argentina (2005).

Article in Journal: 'NINTH for viola and MAX-MSP' MITTEILUNGEN Nr. 44 Editor: Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Elektroakustische Musik, 2003, pp. 57-63. Publisher: PFAU Verlag - Postfach 102314 D-66023 Saarbruecken.
ISSN: 1435 - 5884 (Article published in English)

Composition available on commercial CD: 'Overture (in memoriam T.A.T.)' - CD DeGeM (Deutsche Gesellschaft for Elektronische Musik) CD Nr. 7 (Cybele 960.207 - Germany) (2003)

Composition available on commercial CD: 'Arte Poetica (I)' - CD Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival - VOLUME 1 (EMF-USA) (2002)

Paper: 'An approach to Music's dramaturgy with the interaction of technological devices. A composer's review of "NINTH (music for viola & computer)" for viola and MAX-MSP'. 9th Biennial Symposium on Arts and Technology at Connecticut ollege (New London - CT - USA 2003).
Paper in Proceedings Book (no ISBN)

Composition available on commercial CD: 'Overture (in memoriam T.A.T.)' - CD Ex-Machina Vol. 6 (Cybele 960.106 - Germany) (2001)

Paper: 'Composition principles for Spectral colours for Ensemble and Tape'. 8th Biennial Symposium on Arts and Technology at Connecticut College (New London - CT - USA 2001). Paper in Proceedings Book (no ISBN)

Article: Programme notes for 'Overture (im memoriam T.A.T.)'.  1999 KlangRaum Kreuzeskirche 99 - Programmbuch - pp. 119-120. Publisher: PFAU Verlag - Postfach 102314 - D66023 Saarbruecken.
ISBN: 3-89727-065-X (Article published in German)

Composition available on commercial CD: 'Arte Poetica (I)'- CD Ex-Machina "TANGENT" (Cybele 960.102 - Germany) (1996)

Composition: Commission & Research Project (1998) Music for the Multimedia project Color Code for quadraphonic tape, viola, live-electronics (MAXMSP) and computer graphics on two screens, with the support of the Ministerium fuer Wissenschaft und Forschung des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen, in cooperation with the Universitaet Bielefeld, the Folkwang-Hochschule Essen and the research group Multimedia und Kunst.

Paper: 'THE NECESSITY OF COMPOSING WITH LIVE - ELECTRONICS. A short account of the piece "Gegensaetze (gegenseitig)" and of the hardware (AUDIACSYSTEM) used to produce the real-time processes on it'. II Brazilian Symposium on Computer Music – Canela (Brazil, 1995). Paper in Proceedings Book (SBC-UFRGS) - pp. 65-71. Editor: Eduardo Reck Miranda. Publisher: Grafica Editora Pallotti – Brazil. 1995 (no ISBN)


Catalogue of Compositions (with date and country of the world premiere)

1. 4 Piezas, for oboe, viola and piano (Argentina - 1989)

2. Timbres (despues de 4 Piezas), for oboe, viola and piano (Argentina - 1989)

3. LABERINTO (... 'palabras, poemas'...), for 4 singers and chamber ensemble based on poems by Jorge Luis Borges, Alejandra Pizarnik and Marcelo Gasparini. (Germany - 1991)

4. 'T.T' (Spiel fuer Tommy und seine Bratsche), for viola solo. (Germany - 1991)

5. M.H.0.C (Spiel 2 über ein Jazz Thema und 5 Toene), for bass wind quintet. (Germany - 1991)

6. Spiel 3 (ueber ein Jazz Thema), for wind quintet (Germany - 1992)

7. Spiel 3b (5 Stuecke ueber ein Jazz Thema), for string quintet. (Germany - 1993)

8. pizz. for quadraphonic tape. (Germany - 1993)

9. Gegensaetze (gegenseitig), for alto flute, quadraphonic tape and live - electronics. (Germany - 1994)

10. 'Poeme du temps qui ne passe pas' (..'del otro lado del muro'...), music scenes for bass, soprano, flute (& alto flute), cello, piano and percussion (Germany - 1994)

11. Arte Poetica (I), for quadraphonic tape, based on the poem 'Arte poetica' by Jorge Luis Borges (Germany - 1995)

12. Arte Poetica (II. Stanza), for quadraphonic tape, based on the poem 'Arte poetica' by Jorge Luis Borges (Germany - 1996)

13. Contraries (resonances), for alto flute, quadraphonic tape and live-electronics. (Germany - 1997)

14. AM STEG (Spaces), for stereo tape (Brazil - 1997).

15. Overture (in memoriam T.A.T.), for quadraphonic tape. (Germany - ZKM - 1997)

16. Arte Poetica (stanzas III to VII), for quadraphonic tape, based on the poem 'Arte poetica' by Jorge Luis Borges (USA - 1998)

17. Color Code, multimedia project for quadraphonic tape, viola, live-electronics (MAXMSP) and computer graphics on 2 screens. Commission: Ministerium fuer Wissenschaft und Forschung des Landes NRW. (Germany/Bielefeld - 1998)

18. T.A.T (a man's life), for quadraphonic tape, viola, bass clarinet and live-electronics (USA - 1999)

19. Poppekstive, for octophonic tape (USA - 1999)

20. Spectral Colours, for ensemble and tape (USA - 2001)

21. Granular Gong, for octophonic tape (USA - 2001)

22. NINTH (music for viola & computer), for viola and MAXMSP (USA - 2002)

23. DJ (1): about Riffs and Noises, for computer (MAXMSP) (USA - 2003)

24. L.S. (waiting for changes), for chamber orchestra (Luxembourg - 2003)

25. Ableitungen des Konzepts der Wiederholung (for Ala), for viola and Computer (MAXMSP) (USA - 2004)

26. Hoquetus, for Tarogato (or soprano saxophone) and MAXMSP (USA - 2005)

27. Pathetique, acousmatic piece for multi-track diffusion system (5.1 or 8.0 - MAXMSP) (Portugal - 2007)

28. Interzones (A-E/B), for piano, double bass and tape [6 channels] (USA - 2007).

29. Intersections (memories), for clarinet in B and live- electronics in 5.1 Surround spatialisation (MAXMSP) (USA - 2008)

30. '+', improvisation for viola, sampler, diverse instruments and MAXMSP by Javier A. Garavaglia, Thomas Gerwin and Ralf Haarmann (Germany - 2008)

31. farb-laut E - VIOLET, for viola and real-time electronics in 5.1 surround spatialisation (MAXMSP) (Germany - 2008)

32. Miniaturstueck I, acousmatic piece (octophonic) (Germany - 2010)

33. Wooden Worlds, multimedia project for viola, video in real-time, photography, live-electronics and octophonic sound design by Claudia Robles and Javier A. Garavaglia (world premiere on September 25th, 2010 at the Koelner Musiknacht, Cologne, Germany)


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