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Mike King
Computers and Modern Art: Digital Art Museum

Conference contribution

Fourth Creativity and Cognition Conference
Loughborough University

October 13, 2002

Proceedings: ACM (New York), 2002, ISBN: 1581134657
pp. 88-94

Creativity & Cognition website

In this conference paper I pursue the intersection of art and science, and also touch on the spiritual, in relation to the history of computer art. While the ubiquity of computers in the visual arts now make the term "computer art" perhaps redundant, the early pioneers from the 1950's to the 1980's included significant artists and a coherent discipline that can legitimately be considered an art movement.

This paper details the significant pioneers, locates their aesthetic within Constructivist and other modernist traditions, and describes the Digital Art Museum project to archive and promote understanding of their work. The DAM website is hosted by London Metropolitan University.

read the full paper on the Digital Art Museum website

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