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Mike King
Virtual Visions - the Physics and Metaphysics of Light and Space

Conference contribution

The 20th Eurographics UK Conference
De Montford University

June 11, 2002

Proceedings: IEEE Computer Society Press, 2002, ISBN 0-7695-1518-5
pp. 9-15

The 20th Eurographics UK Conference website

In this conference paper I pursue the intersection of art and science, looking explicitly at how the discipline of physics provides aesthetic source material for digital fine art printmaking. The digital medium - pursued since my doctoral thesis on this subject at the Royal College of Art - provides a range of new media for the fine artist, within which spectrum 3D works are somewhat neglected.

I argue that it is important for makers to contribute to discourse and for that contribution to be properly valued. Furthermore, that if makers are to engage confidently, usefully, meaningfully with critical debate, then we need to develop a confident voice and a language that we not only feel comfortable with but which is actually up to the job.

This paper provides an account of the development of my 3D Sculptor system (previously described in a Leonardo paper, Vol 24 (4), 1991) to include algorithmic elements that derive from the physics of light and space, and includes discussion on their metaphysics.

read the full paper:

Virtual Visions - the Physics and Metaphysics of Light and Space

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