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Mike King
Art and the Postsecular

Journal article

Journal of Visual Art Practice
vol. 4(1)
May 2005
ISSN: 14702029

pp. 3-17

In this journal paper I pursue the intersection of art and the spiritual, examining key 20th century painters who were influenced by such spiritual currents as shamanism, Theosophy, and Buddhism. It pulls together some fragmented scholarship in this field under the rubric of "postsecularism", a sensibility defined as having embraced modernity while rejecting on of its rejections: the spiritual.

Crucial to the significance of this work for fine art is a fine-grained articulation of "the spiritual" which other scholarship to date is lacking in. This articulation avoids the monolithic conception of religion as found in post-Christian modernity, the Greenbergian foregrounding of structure, and postmodern Marxist reductionisms of art as commodity.

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Art and the Postsecular

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