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Lewis Jones
Playing Orfeo Part I: Monteverdi’s violini and viole da braccio

Other form of assessable output

Fellowship of Makers and Researchers of Historical Instruments Quarterly, 109
pp. 4-32

October 2007

journal article, no ISSN

FoMRHI Quarterly 109 contents

Playing Orfeo: Part I

This is the first published part of a substantial four-part article on the instrumentation of Claudio Monteverdi’s "favola in musica", L’Orfeo, whose publication in parts will extend into 2008.

The pitch ranges of the violini and viole da brazzo violini are compared, and the violini are identified as a sub-set of the family of viole da brazzo. In preparation for the study as a whole, all of the instrumental ranges in the score are tabulated, and English translations of all of the rubrics pertaining to instrumentation and instrumental practice are appended.

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