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Chris Jennings
Scrutiny and Immanence: selected work of Chris Jennings


Stanley Picker Gallery
Kingston University

February 27 - April 6, 2001

11 series of work

Scrutiny and Immanence private view invitation

A retrospective of thirteen years of my work, including paintings, drawings, notebooks, and preparatory maquettes. The works covered a number of periods and developments of my work and thinking:

1. Studying problems of representation, through painting with related text, with reference to the early notebooks of Wittgenstein. The work Eight Exercises on the Notebooks of Wittgenstein was loaned for the exhibition by the collection of the Arts Council of England.

2. An investigation into the representation, through painting and integrated "heavy" materials i.e. steel panels, of absence and presence (immanence). This with particular reference to early Renaissance painting, notably the work of Duccio.

3. A focus on the role and perception of colour, and the accumulation of the painted surface as "meaning", the incarnation of idea and a record of the passing of time.

4. Studying the fundamental role of drawing in the work, also looking at the nature of drawing as notation and text that may be "read" and interpreted into another idiom, eg. music or dance.

Slideshow: Chris Jennings - Scrutiny & Immanence

Also included in the show:

A live, premiered performance of a piece by the composer Michael Steer, specifically based on the series of drawings and paintings Meniscus, which were included in the show.

An edition of silverpoint drawings also based on Meniscus (a copy was purchased by the Prints & Drawings Dept. of the British Museum).

An accompanying essay, Scrutiny & Immanence: selected works of Chris Jennings, written by the American critic and art historian Dore Ashton: London Guildhall University and Kingston University, ISBN: 1 899999 24 8.

Please also refer to hardcopy item for this output.

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