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David Howells
Knight's Move

Other form of assessable output

ISSN 1752-637X

October 2006

writing as visual art practice
co-editor: Charlie Woolley

Knight's Move is co-edited by myself and Charlie Woolley. In each issue we identify a mode of "visual writing", and undertake to commission new work from contemporary artists, and to design a format in which these works, together with selected excerpts from a wider literature, coexist in a visual relationship on the page. The editor's role in conceiving and producing the printed object is therefore more akin to that of curator of an exhibition in more traditional art media. Although we call it a "journal" it is in fact a visual artefact which, rather than reporting commenting on writing as visual art practice, actually does it. Moreover, the production of this printed object is necessarily collaborative and intertextual, involving writers, editors and typographers.

Through its distribution we will establish an economic community of visual artists, graphic designers and traditional craft artisans who share a common sensibility, but which we feel has not yet come to recognise itself, as witness for example the separate camps of "literature" and "art".

Two issues of Knight's Move have so far been produced, in October 2006 and July 2007.

Knight's Move - July 2007

Please also refer to hardcopy items for this output.

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